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Diversify your portfolio with institutional-grade real estate investments in markets you know.

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The Colorado Market Report

In the past 10 years, Denver real estate has appreciated 103%. With the mountains and a thriving job market, our Colorado Market Report will explain why we invest in real estate in Colorado.

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Reasons To Invest With Fish Capital

When you invest passively with Fish Capital, you are investing in stable, opportunistic and value-add real estate assets throughout Colorado.

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We provide financial growth for qualified and accredited clients. We act as your guide for knowing how to invest in real estate, using strategic assets, and buying distressed or undervalued properties.

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Reasons To Invest In Real Estate

Over 90% of the world’s millionaires have amassed a majority of their wealth from real estate.

Tangible hard assets - Improved Cash Flow - Unique Tax Benefits - Less Volatility - Portfolio Diversification

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Reasons To Invest In The Colorado Market

Forbes ranked Colorado as the ninth highest state people are flocking to.

Colorado boasts mountains, skiing, and scenic hiking trails, along with tech jobs and an increasing job market. All of these factors have turned Colorado into an attractive place to live. In Denver alone, 53% of the housing market is townhouses, small apartment buildings, and apartment complexes, creating a constant need for rentals. Our Colorado Market Report goes in-depth on the current, past, and future prospects for the growing Colorado real estate market.

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Reasons To Invest With Fish Capital


Fish Capital Investments has created vehicles to make previously unavailable commercial real estate investment opportunities available to individuals. Through the investment manager's unique experience, strategy and models, investors can enjoy the benefits of commercial real estate investing with confidence.

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