What The Colorado Market Report Includes

Our Colorado Market Report covers the trends of real estate in Colorado, along with the benefits of investing in multi-family properties.

At Fish Capital Investments, we use investment strategies that consider different elements before purchasing an investment property, including:

  • Leverage
  • Equity
  • Appreciation
  • Value-added
  • Cash flow

For an investment property to yield strong returns, these different factors must be carefully weighed. There are still additional factors that go into commercial real estate (CRE), including the current occupancy rates, rent growth factors, and value of the investment property itself.

This is what makes having a fund manager with over 17 years of Colorado real estate experience so vital. At Fish Capital Investments, we use an algorithm to find investments that will have strong returns. When you contribute to our Yampa Equity Fund, you become part of our investment strategy and spread your investment risks across a larger pool of investors. Ā 

To dive deeper into the potential profits available through investment properties, download the Colorado Market Report.